Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Enthusiasm for the Game: Goodmans proud supporters at Clarkson Cup

Having driven from Columbus, Ohio to the 2013 Clarkson Cup in Markham, Ontario, Ed and Michelle Goodman embody the spirit of fan loyalty in the CWHL. Ed is alumni from Ohio State University and a proud follower of the Ohio State Buckeyes women’s hockey team.

With several Buckeyes alumnae (Tessa Bonhomme, Amber Bowman, Natalie Spooner, and Erika Vanderveer) on the Toronto Furies roster, Ed is a tremendous fan of Toronto. Having seen them play with the Buckeyes over the years, he is ecstatic at their success in the CWHL. “Absolutely! I am thrilled for them.”

During Furies games at the Cup, Ed has proudly been donning the Furies jersey. “Michelle and I have adopted the Furies as our team.” When asked who is favourite player was, he stated, “Normally, I don’t like to have favourites. As you can see on my (Furies) jersey, I have the number 25 but I like all the former players.”

While many Buckeyes have made the Furies their CWHL home, the Goodmans are quick to acknowledge another Buckeye legend who is establishing strong roots in the CWHL. “In the recent year, a couple of other players have been drafted by other teams. We also cheer for Laura McIntosh of Brampton.”

Their loyalty for Buckeyes women’s hockey sprang from the fact that it was the only competitive women’s hockey in the community. “We have actually been going to all of the Buckeyes games for awhile. We started in the mid-2000s. At the time, it was the only team that we were aware of.”

Michelle Goodman attended Bowling Green University, a school with a very prominent hockey program. “I have been a huge hockey fan since Bowling Green. I like to think that I am the bigger supporter of the women’s game,” she joked.

Having made an annual excursion to Toronto the last two years, the Goodmans have enjoyed the city. “We really feel like the team and the city has adopted us. We love it here,” the Goodmans remarked.

In having the opportunity to see all the Buckeyes women’s hockey heroes at the Clarkson Cup, it has been a remarkable experience for the Goodmans. “Seeing all these players in one spot for a whole week. There is a really awesome thing about it.”

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