Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ten Reasons to Watch the Clarkson Cup

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Clarkson Cup, a chance to recognize the greatness that is women’s hockey. For those who have never seen the Clarkson Cup before, here are 10 great reasons!

10) Tune-up to the Women’s Worlds: Just like the NHL Playoffs and the IIHF Men’s Championships run almost parallel to each other, the same level of drama and excitement is part of the women’s game. The IIHF Women’s Worlds tend to be a week or two after the Clarkson, a great testament to the dedication of these fearless, frozen females!
9) Julie Chu is an honorary Canadian: While Julie Chu may be a member of the United States national team, her contributions to Canadian women’s hockey as a member of the Montreal Stars is remarkable.
8) Furies may win Clarkson before Leafs win Stanley: ‘Nuff said.
7) Jayna Hefford is the greatest to have not yet won the Cup: An emotional favorite heading into the Clarkson, she has played for it twice and has yet to win. Like Ted Williams without a World Series or Dan Marino without a Super Bowl, a Clarkson Cup would truly complete the career of this future Hall of Famer.
6) Autographs: The most approachable athletes in pro sports are always glad to sign an autograph
5) Montreal vs. Toronto means something: Unlike the diluted product in men’s hockey, the rivalry between Montreal and Toronto is only growing at the CWHL level. The level of competition and number of stars on each roster is simply amazing. The Toronto Furies feature superstars Tessa Bonhomme, Rebecca Johnston, Natalie Spooner and Jenn Wakefield. Over on Montreal, they have Meghan Agosta, Charline Labonte, Caroline Ouellette and Catherine Ward. A great rivalry!
4) Every year is an opportunity to make history: As the Clarkson Cup is turning five this year, the opportunities to see history unfold are only beginning. This makes the Clarkson an event where anything  can happen and one worth watching!
3) Montreal vs. Boston: The Montreal Stars and the Boston Blades are quickly overtaking the Canadiens and Bruins as the greatest hockey rivalry!
2) Triple Gold Club for Women: Though not yet officially recognized by the IIHF, the Triple Gold Club for Women is a player that has claimed Winter Games gold, IIHF World Gold, and a Clarkson Cup. Less than ten women have done it, and the only American to have accomplished it is Jenny Schmidgall-Potter.
1) Montreal Stars Dynasty: Having won three of the first four Clarkson Cups, the Stars are one of the great hockey dynasties of the modern era
They are the best at what they do. Here’s hoping that one day girls will play on the frozen pond imagining that they are playing for the Clarkson Cup the way boys dream of playing for Lord Stanley’s Mug!

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