Friday, 18 October 2013

Two notable names from the Bikini Hockey League find new life in sports radio

Although the Bikini Hockey League has augmented discussion and debate among hockey fans, the one fact that cannot be disputed is that Erin Honto and Heather Josie Moore are remarkable radio personalities. As the hosts of In the Crease Radio, their insightful knowledge of the game and appreciation for roller hockey and minor league play can brighten anyone listening to their Tuesday night programming.

Guests have included individuals from every corner of the game. Eric Kleineck, Co-Founder and CEO of Sauce Hockey, Doug Jones, commissioner of Major League Roller Hockey and former NHL goaltender and Behind the Mast president Randy Exelby are a very diverse group with a unique handle on the game. In addition, Sean Whyte of the Western Profesional Hockey League provided a real world aspect of what life can be like for a minor leaguer.

Raised in Detroit, Honto is a lingerie model who now resides in New York. She continues to remain active in the sport competing in both inline and ice hockey with both sexes. With the BHL planning a 2013 New Year’s Day game in Fraser, Michigan, Honto received a lot of publicity as she was promoted as the hometown hero for the event. A five-time state champion in Michigan, Honto was also a member of the US Junior Olympic team. 

Moore is a beautician from Scottsdale, Arizona who was inspired to get involved with the game due to her son competing. Considered “America’s Hockey Mom”, some fans may be inclined to call her “America’s Hottest Hockey Mom.” A former Phoenix Coyotes ice girl, Moore also has a heart of gold, working with the charity Tanners Kids, introducing hockey to underprivileged children with free equipment rentals and trainers at no cost.

There is no question that there are a remarkable number of women who could prove to be fun guests for their program. Tessa Bonhomme, a member of the Canadian national women’s team and broadcaster on Leafs TV is known for her humor and likeability. With her tremendous insight on the game and her status as one of the most attractive players, there would be no shortage of conversation with Bonhomme.  

While Honto is considered the Bad Ass of the BHL, Fannie Desforges and Dangerous Dominique Thibault would likely have terrific banter with her. Although both are part of the Montreal Stars training camp for 2013, both are also Red Bull Crashed Ice World Champions. With the intensity and physical aspect of the event, the dynamic duo of Desforges and Thibault likely have some remarkable war stories to share on the experience.

Of note, Winny Brodt-Brown would also make for a unique guest. The first-ever winner of the Minnesota Ms. Hockey Award, she has not only competed in the NCAA and with the US National Team, but was the first American-born captain to win the Clarkson Cup. As one of the most influential women in the recent history of women’s hockey in the United States, it would be most interesting to listen to her insights on the game today.

For those who thought that the Bikini Hockey League and its athletes were just eye candy, Honto and Moore prove that there is more than meets than the eye. Many of the competitors in the BHL can boast NCAA careers, university education and a strong athletic background. Combing beauty with brains, Honto and Moore provide an element of entertainment and fun that is missing from other hockey broadcasts which take the game too seriously. These remarkable women bring knowledge with an air of fun that still encompasses a respect for the game, making for radio worth listening to. 

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