Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mallory Deluce soars into the skies for her second career

While the obligations of the real world place many women’s hockey players into a difficult crossroads, Mallory Deluce has engaged in a labor of love. Although her playing career saw her reach great heights with gold medals for Team Ontario and the Under-22 Canadian Team, an NCAA Frozen Four title, complemented by a stint with the Toronto Furies, Deluce is reaching even bigger heights as an airlines pilot.

Many women’s hockey players have the game in her blood, with previous generations having played. In Deluce’s case, it was flying that was in her blood as her father and brother both work as commercial pilots. Currently a First Officer of the Air Georgian team, which flies routes for Air Canada, she is also a spokesperson for Air Georgian’s Cadets Program.

In between winning the 2011 NCAA Frozen Four and being selected by the Toronto Furies in the second-ever CWHL Draft, Deluce earned her private license at the St. Thomas Flight Centre in southwestern Ontario. For her instrument ratings, she went to the Professional Flight Centre at Boundary Bay near Vancouver. Of note, she lived at the Centre with over a dozen students from throughout Canada.

While Deluce, who led the Furies in scoring during her rookie season, now competes in pick-up games rather than competitive hockey, she is still in touch with some of her earliest hockey roots. The Ontario Women’s Hockey Association has established a partnership with Air Georgian. Providing players from intermediate AA with viable career choices, services include interview opportunities. Interested players would begin with the piloting Cadet program, following in Deluce’s accomplished footsteps. 

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