Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ninth leg in Amazing Race Canada sees Spooner and Mikkelson off to Montreal

The ninth leg of the second season of Amazing Race Canada found Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson returning to Canada along with the remaining competitors. After sweeping the pair of race legs in France, the hockey heroines were looking for a seventh victory.

A strong start provided the impression that it was possible. The Roadblock challenge found the teams getting behind the wheel at the International Centre of Advanced Racing. Dressed in racing gear, Mikkelson would engage in a series of high-speed turns.

Looking very confident behind the wheel, Spooner could not help but compare Mikkelson to female racing superstar Danica Patrick. A quarter drift and a reverse 180 comprised the turns for the Precision Driving challenge with Mikkelson finishing first.

Reaching the landmark Atwater Market ahead of the remaining competitors, Spooner and Mikkelson contemplated the Fast Forward. With Mikkelson acknowledging that such a challenge involves high risk in exchange for high reward, the duo was wise to avoid it. The Fast Forward involved competitors participating in a life drawing class.

With the Detour offering the change to participate in “Flamed” (attempting glass beading) or “Grilled”, naming the distinct cheeses utilitzed in 10 grilled cheese sandwiches, the hockey heroines opted for “Grilled”. Unfortunately, it would prove to be a taxing and difficult challenge.

Bickering over how to taste the cheese and the method to name the cheeses, Mikkelson seemed uneasy. Admitting that the grease of the sandwiches took its toll, Mikkelson wanted to stop tasting the cheese. After ten attempts which yielded a negative result, Spooner and Mikkelson asked one of the other teams to work with them, facing rejection. That same group would boast that if eating grilled cheese sandwiches was an Olympic sport, they would be Olympians. Obviously, an element of jealousy emanates from this team. 

As a side note, one group failed after 32 attempts, opting for the glass beading challenge. No one could have foreseen that the grilled cheese challenge could have presented so many impdeiments. While Spooner and Mikkelson managed to succeed in the “Grilled” challenge, the problem was that the ninth leg of the race had already been won. Two groups actually engaged in the Fast Forward, with one of them successfully completing the challenge, and reaching the Pit Stop first.

The group that actually refused to assist Spooner and Mikkelson finished in second, just a few seconds ahead of them. While the third place finish represents another podium finish, they showed grace and class, happy that they are in the running for another leg of the race.

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