Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Former Ohio State women’s hockey player Danielle Gagne engages in life changing journey

Redefining the meaning of resilience, Danielle Gagne shall be engaging in a remarkable journey that will not only change her life, but is poised to improve the quality of others lives. Having once played for the Ohio State Buckeyes women’s ice hockey program, Gagne is spending this summer with the ambitions to participate in a bike ride that shall span 4000 miles in 70 days.
Such an ambition is akin to two other empowering women. Last summer, Clara Hughes, who has represented Canada in both the Summer and Winter Games, cycled across Canada to raise money for mental health. Sponsored by Bell, Hughes successfully completed the courageous trek over 40 days.
Another Canadian athlete who engaged in a cross-country journey was hockey coach Ashley Gilbank. Rollerblading across Canada in 2012, she also raised funds for mental health, with Do It for Daron as the beneficiary.
As she recounted to Women’s Hockey Life, Gagne shall be burning approximately 240,000 calories. Having started in Baltimore on May 31, her journey is scheduled to end on August 8 in San Francisco, with the goal to raise awareness for cancer.
Of note, she shall not be engaging in this trek alone. Believing in the power of teamwork, she is part of four difrerent teams, composing 30 total riders, part of an admirable initiative titled 4K for Cancer. The creation of a non-profit organization known as The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, looking to help instill self-esteem in young adults suffering from cancer.
As a side note, a remarkable 89% of funds raised shall go towards the numerous programs and resources aimed to assist young adults suffering from cancer. The ultimate goal of raising over $1 million dollars was actually surpassed on May 29, while Gagne has already met her minimum amount of $4,500.
Gagne is riding with three family members in her heart. Having lost her maternal grandfather to lung cancer, her paternal grandfather lost his battle with liver cancer eight years ago.
Sadly, there is another person that Gagne will be riding for. Her three year-old nephew, Otis Spencer, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Although he is in his fourth cycle of chemotherapy, no child should ever have to endure such miserable suffering. His toughness and courage is a sense of inspiration for the very determined Gagne.

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