Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Remarkable social media campaign signifies proud collaborative effort among NWHL players

In the week that led towards the NWHL’s opening day, a social media campaign represented one of the most ingenious yet heart-warming events for 2015 in women’s ice hockey. Featured on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, players posted photos from their earliest hockey playing experiences, dating back to their childhood. An additional aspect was the caption that all players used in their respective posts and tweets…

#tbt to when playing professional hockey was just a dream! #HistoryBegins October 11
Of note, the campaign made such a positive impression that it received coverage from Sports Illustrated’s web site. Not only did the coverage from such an important and respected news outlet add a major league feeling to the NWHL, it represented a greater accomplishment.

From their earliest years as players to blooming into world-class talent, a distinct feature is a mutual and lifelong of the game among players and fans alike. The photographs revealed a human side to the players, resulting in a connection with fans in a way that was profound.
Not only did the players work together in an admirable collaborative effort, revealing a proud, unified front on their part, an emotional investment in a bold new era for the game. Simultaneously, it showed that they came from the same humble beginnings as other hockey aficionados.

Adding to the impact of said campaign was the fact that league founder and Commissioner Dani Rylan also participated, displaying more than just leadership, but support for the player’s hopes and dreams. Taking into account the excitement and high energy that defined opening day, especially the capacity crowd in Chelsea Piers, the campaign represented an emotional milestone that added to the league’s momentum

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